Composing The Cosmos

Composing The Cosmos



In this series of articles I’ll be taking listeners through a track-by-track analysis of
Wonders of the Cosmos, an epic new album inspired by amazing photos and mind-blowing features of our universe.
Recorded at Abbey Road
and on location at Ely Cathedral
Featuring Edmund Aldhouse (Organ)
and Grace Davidson (Soprano)
Published by Audio Network

Track 1 - Cosmic Background

The first track on our journey through the cosmos starts 46 Billion Years ago amidst the mysterious, diffuse and opaque surroundings of the afterglow from the Big Bang.

Track 2 - Whirlpool Galaxy

Our next stop on this Cosmic Journey is the aptly named ‘Whirlpool Galaxy’, a.k.a Messier 51a, in the constellation Canes Venatici. It’s a spiral armed galaxy a mere 60 000 light years across, and made famous by a number of famous Hubble Space Telescope images.

Track 3 - Star-Cluster

Omega Centauri. A City of Stars. Teeming with the light of a million suns, each one a unique landmark amidst a terrain of dust and gas and the third cosmic landmark of this album, on our journey from the early Universe back to planet earth.

Track 4 - Celestial Citadel

The ‘Pillars of the Creation’ are the most famous of all the images from the Hubble Space Telescope. Over four light years tall, they are titanic star furnaces inside which new stellar life is being forged.

Track 5 - Consumed By Starlight

Many light years away in the constellation of Auriga a planet called ‘Wasp 12b’ orbits its Sun, called ‘Wasp 12’, at a dizzying speed of one orbit per day. Wasp 12b is so close to its stellar nemesis that it’s stuck in a planetary death march.

Track 6 - Interstellar Wind

The satellite Voyager 1 has now left our solar system and is deep in interstellar space where its sensors have picked up the sound of our sun’s own stellar wind crashing into this interstellar wind.

Track 7 - Under A Gibbous Moon

Continually falling towards the Earth, yet never reaching it, our nearest celestial body waits in continuous suspension over us.