Composer and Sound Designer Chris Warner is proud to have been part of the creative team behind ‘Blackout’, a trailblazing physical theatre production from the Lyric Belfast.





Now in it's fourth year, this trailblazing production of Davey Anderson's 'Blackout' will continue its tour of Northern Ireland in late 2018. I devised, composed and mixed a continuous, hi-octane musical score and sound design plot which is fully integrated into this impressive piece of physical theatre. The end result packs an emotional punch that aims to get to the heart of the issues surrounding juvenile crime. 

Blackout has been previously performed to over 8,000 young people, teachers and community leaders in almost 100 schools and community venues.

This acclaimed production is part of an ongoing collaboration between the Lyric Belfast, the Department for Justice NI and Hydebank Wood College (a young offenders prison in Belfast). Students from Hydebank tour around with the production and take a leading role in post-show discussions, allowing young audiences to discuss and explore the emotive themes raised whilst at the same time offering the Hydebank students rehabilitation opportunities.

During the early development and final devising process I worked closely with director Philip Crawford and movement director David Calvert to develop the integrated score and sound design for the show. The result is a closely interwoven narrative of sound and music arrived at through close collaboration: the kind of theatre making and storytelling that is always so immediate and exciting. I also felt privileged to have the opportunity to visit Hydebank Wood College and talk to some of the students, and in the process learned more about their own personal stories. As director Philip Crawford himself says: "Having got to know various Hydebank Wood College students, we wanted to use our theatre-making skills to help them tell their story to other young people, in the hope of persuading them to make better life choices."

We are delighted to be supporting the Lyric Theatre with their Blackout Production. It helps the Department of Justice, through our partners, to make Northern Ireland a safer place by reaching young people, and making them aware of the impact of their life choices. This will be introduced across schools through their pastoral care supporting systems.
— Department Of Justice

(n.b. music used in this short film is not composed by Chris!)

The production has also made a point of championing newly trained actors originating from Northern Ireland. This is an important part of the Creative Learning department's mission to support both aspiring actors and those just starting out in the professions. 

It truly has been a joy and a privilege to have been able to work as composer and sound designer on this project. It's a great example of the powerful, positive and far-reaching effect theatre can have on audiences, young and old, when produced in collaboration with a range of other partners and practitioners. 


Follow the Blackout story at @lyricblackout including a powerful account from RADA trained actor, and former young offender, Michael Balogun and some great photography from 


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Acting, drama and theatre have literally changed my life. When I discovered what the Lyric were doing in Northern Ireland with young offenders and others I was delighted to get involved
— Michael Balogun, Actor

Blackout 2018 - Tour Dates - 29th September - 27th October

Creatives: Writer: Davey Anderson, Director: Philip Crawford, Movement Director: David Calvert, Composer & Sound Designer: Chris Warner, Designer: Dot Kelly